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Tim Crowe Starts Pushing a Broom

Nine year-old Tim Crowe, the third of Paul and Robbie Crowe’s six children, begins sweeping floors after school at Crowe’s Cabinets. All six Crowe children will work with and for Crowe’s Cabinets in various capacities over the years. Tim will eventually come to work full-time in manufacturing, then in management..Read More

New Equipment, More Space

Moving into the commercial market meant more space and better equipment became necessary. The pole barn was doubled in size and additional equipment, including an edgebander and sliding table saw are purchased. Within two years Crowe’s Cabinets moves out of the residential market and focused almost exclusively on commercial projects.

The Beginning: 1978

Crowe’s Cabinets founded on the front porch of the Crowe home with a table saw, radial arm saw, a few other tools, and sheer determination. Paul’s wife, Robbie, takes on bookkeeping duties. Together, as they grow their family, they also grow a business dedicated to quality, creativity, and timely delivery…Read More